Community Involvement and Missions Partnerships

We are an outward focused church, and we believe in radically extending God's love and mercy to people in the Quad Cities, the United States, and around the world.   Every year we have events like Community on a Mission Day, where we show God's love in all kinds of practical ways like picking up trash, handing out free bottles of water, and washing cars.  We serve the poor and homeless in the Quad Cities through a ministry called King's Harvest, which was originally birthed out of our church.  We have a group that helps build houses in our area with Habitat for Humanity.  When natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina or the Earthquake in Haiti strike, we send teams to respond through a Vineyard ministry called Mercy Response. We partner with Juan Diez Rancheros to help emotionally traumatized children through horse therapy.  We partner with a church on the border in Mexico and every year a team from our church hand delivers hundreds of pairs of shoes to needy children.  Those are just a few of the big things we do, but our church is full of normal every day heroes who are nurses, teachers, social workers, engineers, and bus drivers who are walking through life looking for opportunities to share God's love in practical ways.